Simple Elegance Landscape Design: Giving Your Home That Edge it Needs

August 31, 2017


At Simple Elegance we provide top tier landscape design services to spruce up any home and garden. 


We don’t just design plants and trees, we work with architectural pieces, fountains, and lights too. Whether you want to update your already beautiful yard with some design elements, or you need a complete makeover, we can handle the job and handle it well.


Check out some of our before and after pictures below.

Hillside Rehab (Woodland Hills, CA)

The existing entrance of this home before our design had many problems. The homeowners had tolerated this entrance for years and finely got fed up and decided to call us.




The finished design included a new meandering staircase, terraced planters, stamped concrete driveway, and bubblier pot water feature. As one approaches the front entrance they're impacted by the sights, sounds, and fragrance of the garden. At Simple Elegance we don't just design pretty yards, we create a full sensory experience.



Bank Owned Beauty (Lincoln, CA)

This former bank repo was covered in 3' high weeds and was far from usable. During the initial meeting with the client we found that the client owned two small dogs and the yard would mainly be their domain. The client also liked to entertain, so we created a space for seating and grilling. 



When the design was implemented the client commented "I love how spacious the yard feels and it's dog friendly too! There's a perfect balance between concrete spaces and garden. I don't feel like I live in a concrete jungle or a tropical rain forest, It's just right".


We are always glad to hear when people notice our intention for their space.




Perfect Yard For Entertaining (Lincoln, CA) 

Planning on removing the stagnate pond in the photo above, this client contacted us for a planting design to fill the space which would be bare upon removing the pond.





After evaluating the clients needs we found that the client entertained often and liked the idea of water in the garden just not the maintenance.


We created a water feature that is built like a pool; it has a filter, timer, automatic water filler, and a skimmer for the leaves. The water feature was also designed to include a bench area for sitting to enjoy the sound or be used for overflow seating during a large party.


"See how the copper accents in front pick up the copper of the water spout – and the raised backsplash echoes the tile of the patio? Best yet, this water feature's soothing white noise completely masks the unavoidable hum of the plumbing hidden behind the backsplash. I wish you could hear it."





















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