Hoop Dream Estate

August 30, 2017

"GUESS WHAT THE NBA ALL-STAR asked me to dream up for his unfinished four-acre backyard? Party Central – for up to 100 of his closest friends. Yet he also wanted privacy and security to keep his fans out (and his mastiffs in), a romantic setting for him and his wife, a bow-practice area, natural grasses, boulders, pool, waterfall, hot tub, easy maintenance, and, oh yeah, could I do this all for under half a million? How do you suppose he reacted when I did it for under $300.000?!"




Secret Alcove

"Who doesn't feel chilly after a dip in the pool? Then come nestle inside this semi-secluded nook nearby, with the welcoming warmth of a natural gas firepit. Now imagine this scene at dusk – dancing blue flames mingling with the gentle fragrance of the plantlife all around you. Pure heaven."



Canine Courtyard

"I love dog lovers. So I transformed this fully enclosed walkway between the gatehouse on the left, and the front door on the right, into a free-range space for two beloved dogs – with the world's largest canine drinking fountain in the middle! Add in the fragrance of roses, white noise from trickling water, brilliant colors of the flowers and seating around the fountain, and it's an inspiring hangout for humans, too!"



Not A Painting – A Picture Window

"Just as you step into the grand foyer inside the home, you feel your gaze instantly drawn through the skyscraper glass and down the expansive property – from the softer space in the foreground, along the magnificent stretches of water, to the lush oasis in the distance. Yet even with tiny backyards, I know how to create this magic, too." 



Spa of Tranquility

"How do you camouflage a 12-person spa when it's not bubbling wildly and stocked with adults? You don't! Here, I used a rich natural tile to create a negative edge, so the water sheets gracefully over the top, then seems to vanish into nowhere. Of course, when the spa is bubbling, that negative edge becomes a positive ledge – for drinks, seating and spontaneous frolicking.



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