Tea Time At A Cottage Garden

August 16, 2017

"HER LATE HUSBAND HAD 'GARDENED WITH LOVE,' sighed my usually upbeat senior client, but now she was ready to transform his dabbler yard into a cozy Victorian garden. As we surveyed the space behind her retirement residence, she confided that she really wanted a large, lush lawn, colorful roses, picturesque creekbed, and a shady spot to sip tea with friends. 'Oh,' she added, 'and can you do it on a budget?' Of course, I sighed."


English Breakfast For Two

"Conversing with friends in the shaded light, my client continually adores the rich colors, textures and fragrances surrounding them –her very own peaceful corner of the universe."


Quiet Reflection

"Which sound would satisfy your mood today: babbling brook, rushing river, or something in-between? I designed this curtain of water so you can easily adjust the flow until its sound pleases you most. And I created the water feature with a shallow basin, which raises the volume of the white noise, so you can fill the entire space with soothing sounds that massage the soul."



 Calming Creek

"Purples, greens and silvers create an overall feeling of calm, while a gentle curve in the creekbed evokes a childlike curiosity to explore. This vivid splash of color and motion draws your gaze from the moment you enter the garden, and delights your senses throughout the space."



"The sweeping curve of the lawn leads your eye through the yard, from the colorful rose garden in the foreground, to the bistro table that beckons you from afar. And the growing redwoods lend a natural sense of privacy to the peaceful environment."


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