Popovers For Pop Overs

August 8, 2017

"SHE'S FAMOUS FOR HER STEAMING HOT POPOVERS you slather with melty chocolate or homemade jam, and the first bite will melt you, too. But what she needed what a comfortable backyard where she could serve popovers to her good friends. When I first surveyed her yard, I saw just clutter and the neighbor's imposing house. So I created a space that would give her some much-needed privacy, a feeling of tranquility, and a backyard that goes as well with her cheery personality as her steamy popovers go with strawberry jam."



Nighttime Drama

"I elongated this smallish yard with a dramatic trellis, which is more than a beautiful centerpiece – it obscures the neighbor's imposing roofline. Its 'L' shape then frames a quiet nook that beckons you through its portal. Dramatic illumination at night serves to light the way, and casts subtle dancing water patterns all around, creating an entire new space after the sun goes down."


Heaven Scent

"As pretty as these drought tolerant plants are to look at, their scent is just as joyful to breathe in. But what you DON'T see is how these flower arrangements stay watered without anyone lifting a finger – be sure to ask me how."


Trickle, Babble or Roar?

"Which sound would satisfy your mood today: babbling brook, rushing river, or something in-between? I designed this curtain of water so you can easily adjust the flow until its sound pleases you most. And I created the water feature with a shallow basin, which raises the volume of the white noise, so you can fill the entire space with soothing sounds that massage the soul."



"See how the copper accents in front pick up the copper of the water spout – and the raised backsplash echoes the tile of the patio? Best yet, this water feature's soothing white noise completely masks the unavoidable hum of the plumbing hidden behind the backsplash. I wish you could hear it."

 Stress Decompress

"How would you relax in a private nook like this? Read? Snooze? Create? Meditate? I specialize in designing outdoor rooms from one big area, and I'm nearly always asked to create a place of refuge. Here, the arbor frames your view into the nook, like a peaceful invitation to a place where life's inevitable frustrations are left behind."

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