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Landscape Design Process

Simple Elegance Landscape Design aims to reflect your unique lifestyle and to allow you to balance your busy schedule with outdoor enjoyment. Using functional artistic elements such as water, stone, vegetation and light, we fashion a place for all to enjoy that incorporates sustainable garden philosophies.

Here are the steps involved in having a landscape design project go from idea to completion.

Initial Contact – Call 888-359-4448 or CLICK to SCHEDULE for a free telephone consultation to determine if Simple Elegance can meet your garden and landscape needs. A brief 10 – 20 minute conversation should determine whether our skills are what you need. After that an initial site visit can be scheduled.

Initial Site Visit – We begin with a face-to-face meeting at the site to determine the scope of the project and to ensure a good fit between the client and Simple Elegance. During this meeting we will bring our questionnaire to aid in the design process.

We ask a lot of questions in order to determine your lifestyle, usage and maintenance requirements.  ($150 per hour, minimum 1 hour). The fee for the initial site visit will be applied to the cost of the design if you choose Simple Elegance as your landscape design service provider.

Proposal and Contract – We will document our ideas and deliverables for you and present them in written form usually within a week of our initial site visit.

Site Analysis Visit – After the proposal and contract have been agreed to and signed, Simple Elegance will travel to the site to measure, photograph and take notes.

Concept Development – After the analysis, we are ready to form ideas about space function and locations.

Design Development – Following the concept development, we transition the concepts into a detailed design illustrating plants, walkways, walls, and other hardscapes. This design is presented to the client for discussion and revision.

Final Design including Budget – The complete final drawing with budget and material lists is presented to the client and used for the installation. The budget is based on using our own contractors. We are aware that some clients prefer to choose their own contractors. This will require us to meet with the contractor at the job site to review the site for their budget estimates. If you choose to use your own contractor, additional drawings may be required

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Landscape Consulting

Observation – Simple Elegance insists on observing all installations to ensure that your design is installed properly. Simple Elegance does its best to screen contractors for the price, ethics, and efficiency, however, we do not have control over the seasonal planting help that is renewed annually. Proper planting techniques and placement are insured by our staff presence. This is included in the project consulting fee.

3D Renderings

Our 3D landscape design services will help you understand and have a feel for the design. Rather than having to rely on your own imagination with 2D designs to see if your pool is too far from the home or your shade cover produces enough shade, you will be able to virtually take a tour of your new yard. It is a very efficient way for our clients to be involved in every part of the design process with Simple Elegance.


Our clients are better equipped to give their creative input upon being presented with a 3D landscape design by one of our designers. This allows the client to make any last-minute decisions and alterations to the design before the project is scheduled to begin.