5 Backyard Remodeling Ideas That Will Attract Potential Buyers

When listing your home on the market to sell, it is important to consider changes that will increase the sale value and attract buyers. One area of the home that will be scrutinized by potential buyers is the backyard. Is your outdoor area offering something attractive that will help sell your home? If you have the time and resources, remodeling the backyard can provide a quick sale. Below are a few ideas to help you move your home from listed to sold as soon as possible.

Deck Building

One of the larger projects you can complete is deck building. With a new deck, you create an outdoor space that potential homebuyers will find appealing. If you have space, consider creating a large deck and place staging furniture so when people tour the home, they can see how the deck provides outdoor living potential. To begin, you will need to calculate deck size, ensure you have space for the project, and consider how much material you need to get started. With a little help and elbow grease, you can get the project completed promptly.

Porch Ceilings

If you already have an outdoor area, such as a back porch, it is important to give it a once-over. Many times, especially in older homes, the porch ceiling can warp or have other issues due to weather conditions. If your porch ceiling requires TLC, consider adding a Fiber cement porch ceiling. This material is durable and will be a selling point you can discuss with potential buyers. Fiber cement provides added protection and ensures that the elements cannot negatively affect your porch. With this upgrade, potential homebuyers will see that your property offers a comfortable and durable outdoor living space. Today’s buyers want to be able to enjoy the outdoors as much as the inside.

Drainage Improvements

Does your home have proper drainage? There is nothing worse than trying to sell your home and it rain, with potential home buyers seeing flooding due to improper draining of the yard space. With Patio drainage, you have an option that ensures water is moved away from the home. When water is allowed to pool near the foundation or patios, it can cause concrete foundation or structure issues. With proper slot drains in place, the landscaping is void of standing water, which helps to improve the overall look and feel of your outdoor space.

Paving Projects

Another option to consider is paving projects. Perhaps your walkways or sidewalks need a pick me up? Or maybe a patio would provide the perfect outdoor space for your home. A simple paving project can add value to the home and provide a visual way for potential home buyers to see how your backyard can be used. When considering a paving project, the Permeable paving system is a great resource. The system is porous so it allows water to drain rather than stand on top of the paving material. By upgrading your paving installation with the permeable solution, you have to sell the point you can use to convince potential home buyers that your home is right for them.

Any of these ideas are great options to consider when remodeling your backyard to sell your home. Take time to plan out your remodeling projects then take fresh photos once completed so you have a listing that will appeal to every home buyer! Be sure to mention the upgrades in your listing so everyone can see the hard work you have done. It just might be that what you have added is a selling point for potential buyers!

Jordan Swift is a contributor to Innovative Building Materials. He is a blogger and a content writer for the building materials industry with an interest in landscaping and outdoor remodeling. Jordan is focused on educating homeowners, contractors, and architects on innovative materials and methods of construction that increase property value, improve sustainability and create a warm and welcoming ambiance.

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