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Landscape Design


Landscape design process....................

Initial meeting







Assessment (Survey Property)

 Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance It is important for us to analyze the current situation and plan accordingly.

Failure to properly evaluate changes that need to be made or not made can result in “wasting your landscape dollars”.

Below is a sample of different elements our designers will consider:


a. Lifestyle: Family, Friends, Pets, etc.

b. Environmental Issues: Amount of Sunlight, Grade, Drainage, Existing Trees

c. Neighbor Elements: screening for privacy, etc.

d. Borders, Patios, Arbors, Outdoor Kitchen, etc.

e. Lighting and Irrigation

f. Water Features

g. Plant selection, Color, Texture, Aroma, etc.

h. Budget and Timeline












At the initial appointment; the designer will quote you a price for creating your design plan and will request a down payment before beginning any design work (Typically 1/3 rd of design cost)

Plot your Dimensions

We will plot and/or measure any exterior elements of your yard and home that will be taken in to account for your new design, i.e., trees, windows, a/c, pillars, stone work, patio, etc. It is tremendously helpful if you can provide a survey plan but not required


Concept Design

We begin to compile and work all of the above information into a design. The principle is to incorporate all of your needs and try to meet your wants.


At the approval of the concept plan; the designer will request a progress payment before finishing final design (Typically 1/3 rd of design cost)





Final Design

The designer puts all the pieces together in a scaled design which meets all of your requirements and potentially all of your landscape dreams. A plan allows you to consider all of the different elements in your project.


Your designer will again meet with you, either at your home or at our office, to present your final design. Meeting at the nursery is ideal as it gives you an opportunity to actually see the plants. At this point you will pay for the balance of the design and the design is yours.




















Turning the Dream into a Reality

Landscape consulting services are available upon request.

See Consulting Services for more detail.


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